There are lots of things to do in Nanaimo. Hikers can explore such North Nanaimo waterfront gems as Neck Point Park and Piper's Lagoon. The Morrell Nature Sanctuary, Westwood Lake Park and Colliery Dam Park (with its waterfalls, swimming spots and access to the Trans-Canada Trail) are popular westside escapes.

The Nanaimo Harbour Seawall leading to fishernmen's docks, floating restaurants, and the small ferries to Newcastle Island and the Dinghy Dock Pub. Take a 20 minute ferry ride to Gabriola Island and walk through nature's spectacular Malaspina Galleries.

To complete your fun-tastic experience while staying at Randle House by The Sea, Taaja can arrange a special excursion for you (The fee/cost for the excursion is not included in booking. Please request your excursion arranged by Taaja in your reply when making room reservations):


Taaja's Shopping Convoy


For a fabulous outing, join the frequent outings "Taaja's Shopping Convoy" to Bamboozle and House of Leaves set in the forest. Then off to Coombs for lunch at Cuckoos and some more shopping the many fabulous shops in this popular area.




Catamaran Sailing


Complete your fun-tastic experience while staying at Randle House by the Sea, Taaja can arrange a Catamaran Sailing for you! The sailing adventure can be combined with crabbing, fishing and more ... just use your imagination!


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